Sunday, November 9, 2008

Awesome Cashew Spread!

This spread is excellent over salty crackers like Ritz! This is a recipe that a veggie neighbor gave to my mom, my mom loved it, she bring me home a little to try it, I loved it too I ended eating all =D. So my mom asked for the recipe and we decided to do it, it was amazing! Anyways, you'll love it =) I know it. It tastes a little bit like some spread I used to eat in my non-vegan days that was with Cheez Whiz, luncheon meat & canned red bell peppers [or so I don't know how it's said in English, we call it here "pimientos morrones"] only better ;) of course.

Well it's super easy to prepare, you can spread it over Ritz, or something like that, other crackers or bread.


- 20 oz. Cashews [raw, lightly roasted, salted or so, any works well]
- 1 small jar olives
- 1 1/2 "pimientos morrones", of the can
- 1 garlic clove
- olive oil [like half of a medium bottle]


-Put the cashews in a bowl of water, covered and let it like that for 1 hour or so.

-After the hour, drain the water of the cashews & put them on the food processor or blender, blend & pour some amount of olive oil & the jar of olives, then the "pimientos morrones" & garlic, finish with the remained olive oil. Blend well, until it's creamy. No chunks of cashews can be there.

**You have to place this on an airtight container, or in a jar on the fridge if not using all of it in the moment.**

Yum! Enjoy. (=

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