Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My First Vegan Pizza (with Teese)

I was crazy to try Teese vegan cheese, because all the good reviews on the web from people that really love this cheese and I was like I had to try it. Oh and the pictures were so mouthwatering that oh God I just wanted this cheese! haha and well I finally ordered 1 Lb. from I was crazy to have it. And when I finally had it I stared to plan a vegan pizza! I didn't made the crust or the sauce, but for the next one I will.

And last Saturday, my boyfriend came to my house and we prepared the crust following the instructions on the package. We opened that package of cheese and OMG! it smells so good, it really smells like mozzarella, or almost, but I love it. It has a buttery yummy smell. wow. I spread the salsa & the toppings: Pizza sauce, Teese vegan cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, Lightlife Gimme Lean sausage, & Yves vegan pepperoni. This cheese really freaking melts!! And tastes oh so good! Even my omni mom likes it, my little brother & my cousin. The other day with the dough that I didn't used I made a calzone! My older brother tried it and like it too!

I have tried FYH [Vegan Gourmet] mozzarella cheese on pizzas and I don't know what the hell happens that it doesn't melts, and I can't find the flavor, I like the FYH cheddar better. What more can I say! Teese is the best Vegan Mozzarella I've tried. Yesterday I made another vegan lasagna and it was better than my other ones, so good. And right now I'm planning to do vegan mozzarella sticks, when do them I'll post some pictures too! Oh mozzarella sticks...vegan, with marinara sauce, yum!! I'm crazy to do them!

Here's the pizza before the oven and after the oven [it looks so cute, melted vegan cheese]

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