Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The doggie problems resolved...almost :-)

The dog dind't had his spine broke. Some non hearted person threw him on my brother's backyard after poisoning him. When we took him to the vet and revised the doggie he said he have been poisoned and that is was a miracle he didn't died. Hopefuly, he didn't died!!. And in the morning when I went to check him, he tried to stand up and he did, a little weak yet, though, but at least something is better.

The doctor treated him, he is wormed and vaccinated. I am so happy that he is good right now. Because it was heartbreaking seeing him the way he was. I though he was going to die. Now he is really good! Jumping and barking and moving his tail of happiness, full of energy! =) He was also dehydrated, because of the poison. I am giving him the medicines.

HE IS LOOKING FOR A HOME. In one week he will be able to be adopted. I will give him vaccinated, wormed & neutered.
Look at him now!!! =) I am so happy I've save his life!

And this other doggie -Bimbo- that I can't have permanently in my house neither is also looking for a home. He is a good guardian, and both dogs can be with children and other good dogs.

**Look at this blog for more information, or if you are interested in donating something to them or if you want to adopt the dogs. Thanks for reading =) COMPASSION IS OUR ACTION, BLOG

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Anonymous said...

Kari - This is a really cool blog - I'm so proud to know you. you are truly awesome. This world is better because you are in it. Thank you for saving your doglet that got poisoned. Please come and visit me anytime.