Thursday, November 13, 2008


I was so exited to try at least one vegan cupcake recipe from my VCTOTW book that I received like a month ago and didn't made any until few minutes ago! And that was because I have lots of work at school and stuff, but today I decided to make some, because I was craving them so bad. Well they went pretty and cute and everything. Now I love this book!! I want to try all of those cute vegan cupcakes! This was my first time making vegan cupcakes, they are fabulous and yummy! I made the Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Vegan cream cheese frosting! YUM!
Here's a picture of them:

[The cupcake that is not mom ate it]

If you are vegan [or not!] and you don't have this book, YOU SHOULD BUY IT! The cupcakes came out perfectly!

*In other part, my dad bought another bread [we all used here a vegan one so we don't have to buy 2 different] and we decided now to try another brand because that one wasn't so healthy at all, even the "whole wheat" one, so he bought another brand, and I read the ingredients, are not vegan :( Maybe he read them but didn't knew that whey is an animal product, aw, but anyways, we decided to make our own breads now when we can, if we can't anyways we use the only vegan brand. My mom told me I was an exaggerated/extremist girl because I didn't wanted the bread because of the whey, she said: " It doesn't have a gallon of milk on it" and I was like, ok, but I'm not eating animal products! ;P

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Joy Keaton said...

Now that you made the carrot cake cupcakes you have to try more recipes! Each one is better than the one before - VCTOtW is a GREAT book and all the omnivores I've given these cupcakes to are always shocked that they are vegan! So funny, everyone seems to think Vegan = bad food! Silly omnivores! We know vegan food is the BEST!!! :)

My favorite cupcakes are the Mexican Hot Chocolate... amazing!