Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gelatin-Free Skittles

At my school, today one of my vegetarian friends told me Skittles went gelatin and gluten free. I couldn't believe so I told him to buy ones and I read it myself and ate a few [I'm not a candy sucker] They can be safe to eat for vegans. But still one thing: MARS test on animals. If they decided to eliminate the nasty gelatin of the Skittles, we can send letters or emails or even call the company and ask them to stop testing their stuff on animals. We can say that we are happy they eliminated the gelatin of the Skittles, and that's a good thing, but they still test them on inoffensive animals. That we would like them to stop doing that. OK, that would be great, though it's not a healthy food because of the hydrogenated oils and that stuff, but a few pieces in a while wouldn't be that bad. ;)

That would be nice if Starburst go gelatin free too, if they haven't yet :)
Though we have MAMBA Fruit Chews, which are great.