Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Late, but for sure. Well today was Thanksgiving day, the day that name should be changed because most people don't even say thanks and are only for eating that turkey that is on the table.

I am thankful for having my family in good health all year, for my health, my pets, my boyfriend, my grades, also thankful for the great things I've learned throughout this year. For another year of veganism, peace of mind, soul and happiness. Thankful for my life, for all the goals I've reached and all the good things God gave me. For the person I've become. Thanks to God, and thanks to veganism<3

Anyways, today was a nice day for me, I loved it. I passed it with my family and my boyfriend, and my pet friends. This was my second thanksgiving being vegan, awesome! haha.

My mom cooked her turkey, sadly [but I know there will be a day that no turkey will be].
She made the rice vegan so me and my boyfriend could eat [with pigeon peas, tofurky kielbasa, vegan scallops, and spices, it was awesome]. I ate that with some mashed potatoes I made with gravy, some macaronis [with vegan mayo, onion, and peppers=wow] a green salad and my tofurky [I made it with carrots, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, and with the orange baste+I added some olive oil, because it tend to dry] I also made pumpkin muffins/cupcakes from the VWAV cookbook and vegan cream cheese frosting from VCTOTW, they were amazing! everyone loved them, they wanted more! lol but there were only 24, so, anyways. Few people also tried the tofurky and were shocked, my mom was one that loved it, and my daddy [who is trying to be vegetarian].

My home is more veganized now, though. When we're going to bake something for us, we make it vegan, we all use Earth Balance instead, my mom use less eggs, less dairy, cook less meat than she used before, my dad buy vegan bread sop I can eat bread. My parents are so good on that stuff with me =) I'm glad to have them, most teens are not supported by their parents.

Well, here are some pics of my tofurky and my cupcakes, before being frosted, and after, looking cute! =)

All of this was amazing, the tofurky was juicy and tasty!
The cupcakes, wow amazing too!

Let me know everything you would like to know about veganism or recipes or product reviews, or about my Thanksgiving menu! haha!

I hope you had a nice day today!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving day! =)

I've always loved Thanksgiving day! and tomorrow is! I can't wait for tomorrow. This is my second vegan Thanksgiving. Last year I made my own Tofurky, this year I bought the Tofurky. I want to try it! I've read lots of reviews saying it is darn good. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of my vegan thanksgiving menu. There will be here a family reunion though, and there will be a real dead/cooked turkey =( . I don't know what's the really "thankfull" part of eating the flesh of a turkey. Anyways I will be enjoying my cruelty free "turkey" with all of the other things I'll prepare to eat! =) I also will be wearing my "Save a Turkey, eat Tofu" shirt. I love that shirt, and I think it's perfect for tomorrow. And I'll make vegan pumpkin cupcakes for everyone.

At least there will be a part that no cruelty will be served to everyone. My mom is so sweet she will do the rice vegan for me =) with tofurky kielbasa sausage and vegan "scallops" instead of the ham in the rice! And there will be my vegan cupcakes instead of a cake made with eggs and dairy! Tomorrow I'll post the pictures. Thanks God for all this things He gave to us in this year, let's have a cruelty free thanksgiving!

Happy tofurky day to everyone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The doggie problems resolved...almost :-)

The dog dind't had his spine broke. Some non hearted person threw him on my brother's backyard after poisoning him. When we took him to the vet and revised the doggie he said he have been poisoned and that is was a miracle he didn't died. Hopefuly, he didn't died!!. And in the morning when I went to check him, he tried to stand up and he did, a little weak yet, though, but at least something is better.

The doctor treated him, he is wormed and vaccinated. I am so happy that he is good right now. Because it was heartbreaking seeing him the way he was. I though he was going to die. Now he is really good! Jumping and barking and moving his tail of happiness, full of energy! =) He was also dehydrated, because of the poison. I am giving him the medicines.

HE IS LOOKING FOR A HOME. In one week he will be able to be adopted. I will give him vaccinated, wormed & neutered.
Look at him now!!! =) I am so happy I've save his life!

And this other doggie -Bimbo- that I can't have permanently in my house neither is also looking for a home. He is a good guardian, and both dogs can be with children and other good dogs.

**Look at this blog for more information, or if you are interested in donating something to them or if you want to adopt the dogs. Thanks for reading =) COMPASSION IS OUR ACTION, BLOG

Monday, November 17, 2008

I need my animal sanctuary urgently.

Yesterday was such a bad and sad day for me.

I am well known here in my town as the animal lover/activist and every time a person have a problem with their dogs/cats or other animal they call me. Every time a person abandon a dog here [I never see who is that idiot, and here are lots of homeless dogs] some dog come to my house, because I have lots of animals here that are mine [2 ducks, 2 bunnies, 5 dogs, 1 cat, but right now 2 dogs more that are not really mine-a total of 7 dogs-, I give them food and shelter, though] and the other dogs know I bring mine love/protection and they come here and I end giving food to them and caring for them. My mom told me that I can't have another dog here anymore because is more money, and the situation right now worldwide is not good. She accepted a doggie that came here named Perrito [means doggie in Spanish] and he is a member of my family now =)and Bimbo [a homeless dog] came to my house, but she said I can't have him, or another dog, anymore, because we have 5!! Well she wanted to call the local shelter, but I told her NO! I told her to wait if someone want the dog, he is a good doggie. And I know that if we bring him to the local shelter they are going to kill him [euthanasia] and he have been here for like a month now. I posted bulletins on myspace of him to see if someone wanted him, nobody. I called the animal sanctuary[Faro de los animales] but they are full, I called and contacted Amigo de los animales and I hope they accept that doggie with a donation I am going to give them.

But that is not the really sad part of this. The sad thing is that yesterday a neighbor called my mom telling her that in my brother's house there was a dog that was dying, but wasn't my bro's dog. The dog can't stand, I called the veterinary and told me it was a rupture in the spine. I cried a lot, but he is happy [moves his tail] and eats well and poop well, and drink water :) but I am hoping that the other sanctuary I contacted accept them because he have a remedy to walk and run again!! :) Hopefully today he is better than yesterday, we stand him up, but shaking a little bit, I think he is weak I don't know the reason, exactly. I don't know if some idiot threw him on the floor, or is a car hit him, but he don't have any scar or w/e.

I dream to create my own sanctuary and I need it! I know I will do it! yes I know! I'm getting involve in all of this stuff right now, getting in contact with people that rescue animals, etc :)

And please if you can contact Amigo de los animales and donate, or adopt!! They are helping me so much with this case of the dog and a lot of people is calling me for helping me with him :-) I really thanks them so much.

Thanks for reading.
God Bless<3

This is Bimbo[finding home]

And The one that can't stand up :(
but soon will be ok :) and also wants a home.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I was so exited to try at least one vegan cupcake recipe from my VCTOTW book that I received like a month ago and didn't made any until few minutes ago! And that was because I have lots of work at school and stuff, but today I decided to make some, because I was craving them so bad. Well they went pretty and cute and everything. Now I love this book!! I want to try all of those cute vegan cupcakes! This was my first time making vegan cupcakes, they are fabulous and yummy! I made the Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Vegan cream cheese frosting! YUM!
Here's a picture of them:

[The cupcake that is not mom ate it]

If you are vegan [or not!] and you don't have this book, YOU SHOULD BUY IT! The cupcakes came out perfectly!

*In other part, my dad bought another bread [we all used here a vegan one so we don't have to buy 2 different] and we decided now to try another brand because that one wasn't so healthy at all, even the "whole wheat" one, so he bought another brand, and I read the ingredients, are not vegan :( Maybe he read them but didn't knew that whey is an animal product, aw, but anyways, we decided to make our own breads now when we can, if we can't anyways we use the only vegan brand. My mom told me I was an exaggerated/extremist girl because I didn't wanted the bread because of the whey, she said: " It doesn't have a gallon of milk on it" and I was like, ok, but I'm not eating animal products! ;P

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Awesome Cashew Spread!

This spread is excellent over salty crackers like Ritz! This is a recipe that a veggie neighbor gave to my mom, my mom loved it, she bring me home a little to try it, I loved it too I ended eating all =D. So my mom asked for the recipe and we decided to do it, it was amazing! Anyways, you'll love it =) I know it. It tastes a little bit like some spread I used to eat in my non-vegan days that was with Cheez Whiz, luncheon meat & canned red bell peppers [or so I don't know how it's said in English, we call it here "pimientos morrones"] only better ;) of course.

Well it's super easy to prepare, you can spread it over Ritz, or something like that, other crackers or bread.


- 20 oz. Cashews [raw, lightly roasted, salted or so, any works well]
- 1 small jar olives
- 1 1/2 "pimientos morrones", of the can
- 1 garlic clove
- olive oil [like half of a medium bottle]


-Put the cashews in a bowl of water, covered and let it like that for 1 hour or so.

-After the hour, drain the water of the cashews & put them on the food processor or blender, blend & pour some amount of olive oil & the jar of olives, then the "pimientos morrones" & garlic, finish with the remained olive oil. Blend well, until it's creamy. No chunks of cashews can be there.

**You have to place this on an airtight container, or in a jar on the fridge if not using all of it in the moment.**

Yum! Enjoy. (=