Monday, November 17, 2008

I need my animal sanctuary urgently.

Yesterday was such a bad and sad day for me.

I am well known here in my town as the animal lover/activist and every time a person have a problem with their dogs/cats or other animal they call me. Every time a person abandon a dog here [I never see who is that idiot, and here are lots of homeless dogs] some dog come to my house, because I have lots of animals here that are mine [2 ducks, 2 bunnies, 5 dogs, 1 cat, but right now 2 dogs more that are not really mine-a total of 7 dogs-, I give them food and shelter, though] and the other dogs know I bring mine love/protection and they come here and I end giving food to them and caring for them. My mom told me that I can't have another dog here anymore because is more money, and the situation right now worldwide is not good. She accepted a doggie that came here named Perrito [means doggie in Spanish] and he is a member of my family now =)and Bimbo [a homeless dog] came to my house, but she said I can't have him, or another dog, anymore, because we have 5!! Well she wanted to call the local shelter, but I told her NO! I told her to wait if someone want the dog, he is a good doggie. And I know that if we bring him to the local shelter they are going to kill him [euthanasia] and he have been here for like a month now. I posted bulletins on myspace of him to see if someone wanted him, nobody. I called the animal sanctuary[Faro de los animales] but they are full, I called and contacted Amigo de los animales and I hope they accept that doggie with a donation I am going to give them.

But that is not the really sad part of this. The sad thing is that yesterday a neighbor called my mom telling her that in my brother's house there was a dog that was dying, but wasn't my bro's dog. The dog can't stand, I called the veterinary and told me it was a rupture in the spine. I cried a lot, but he is happy [moves his tail] and eats well and poop well, and drink water :) but I am hoping that the other sanctuary I contacted accept them because he have a remedy to walk and run again!! :) Hopefully today he is better than yesterday, we stand him up, but shaking a little bit, I think he is weak I don't know the reason, exactly. I don't know if some idiot threw him on the floor, or is a car hit him, but he don't have any scar or w/e.

I dream to create my own sanctuary and I need it! I know I will do it! yes I know! I'm getting involve in all of this stuff right now, getting in contact with people that rescue animals, etc :)

And please if you can contact Amigo de los animales and donate, or adopt!! They are helping me so much with this case of the dog and a lot of people is calling me for helping me with him :-) I really thanks them so much.

Thanks for reading.
God Bless<3

This is Bimbo[finding home]

And The one that can't stand up :(
but soon will be ok :) and also wants a home.

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Virginia said...

you are so sweet! i pray that God allows you to accomplish these great things you want to accomplish!