Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving day! =)

I've always loved Thanksgiving day! and tomorrow is! I can't wait for tomorrow. This is my second vegan Thanksgiving. Last year I made my own Tofurky, this year I bought the Tofurky. I want to try it! I've read lots of reviews saying it is darn good. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of my vegan thanksgiving menu. There will be here a family reunion though, and there will be a real dead/cooked turkey =( . I don't know what's the really "thankfull" part of eating the flesh of a turkey. Anyways I will be enjoying my cruelty free "turkey" with all of the other things I'll prepare to eat! =) I also will be wearing my "Save a Turkey, eat Tofu" shirt. I love that shirt, and I think it's perfect for tomorrow. And I'll make vegan pumpkin cupcakes for everyone.

At least there will be a part that no cruelty will be served to everyone. My mom is so sweet she will do the rice vegan for me =) with tofurky kielbasa sausage and vegan "scallops" instead of the ham in the rice! And there will be my vegan cupcakes instead of a cake made with eggs and dairy! Tomorrow I'll post the pictures. Thanks God for all this things He gave to us in this year, let's have a cruelty free thanksgiving!

Happy tofurky day to everyone!

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Julian said...

very nice i love that day it was awesome!