Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Cheeziest Vegan Mac N' Cheese

-I know that you have searched before for a vegan mac n' cheese recipe, and all that recipes have nutritional yeast as the main flavor for cheese, and I like nutritional yeast but not for mac n' 'cheese', this one do not use nutritional yeast, and I promise it tastes just like Mac n' Cheese from Kraft! lol =D This one have that melty cheesy texture and taste, without all that fat,cholesterol of the non-vegan version, though it may not be the healthiest vegan mac ' cheese out there, but it still healthy in comparison to the non-vegan version.

- I know it because I have searched for vegan mac n' cheese recipes too and I really don't like the taste of them much because of the too much nutritional yeast on it! I can eat those mac n' cheese though, but because of the weird taste I can't eat them with all my desires.

I created this recipe, thinking about something else for mac n' cheeze that wasn't nutritional yeast! So I hope you like it. I don't have an exactly amount of the ingredients but I suggest you to accommodate them for the consistency you want. So try it!

-Plain Soy Milk

-Vegan Gourmet Cheddar Style "cheese"

-elbow pasta, or another one

-vegan butter, such as Earth balance or Soy Garden

-little bit of salt


1) Boil the pasta as you always do. When It's done, quit all the water and place pasta to the saucepan again, in medium. Add a little bit of soy milk & butter.

2) Cut some of the vegan gourmet into cubes [the quantity depends on how much pasta you have made], place them in a small bowl with a bit of the soy milk and put it on the microwave for some seconds until the 'cheese' is all melted, then pour it on the pasta and mix.

3) Add a little more soy milk and 'butter' if needed and a little salt.

4) Keep moving until all is mixed and have the consistency you want.

Serve immediately and enjoy. :-)

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